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Special Note Regarding the RP-5217 Equalization Form

The RP-5217 Equalization Form is a one-part downloadable bar coded document and can be accessed directly from the Department’s website. For more information or to download, please visit the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance website.

Form Categories

  Letter Legal
253 (1-a) Affidavit  
253 Affidavit  
255 Affidavit  
255 Affidavit - Wraparound Mortgage  
255 Affidavit with Mortgage Assignment  
256 Affidavit - Indefinite Mortgage  
275 Affidavit  
Affidavit as to Ancient Mortgage  
Affidavit for an Assigned Contract  
Affidavit for Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure  
Affidavit for Survey Coverage Under Covered Risk 2(C) of the 2006 ALTA Loan Policy  
Affidavit in Connection with a No Consideration Transfer  
Affidavit in Lieu of Registration Statement (OHP Form AF-1)  
Certificate of Non-Foreign Status Affidavit  
Closing Affidavit  
Collateral Assignments of Leases & Rents - Section 255 Affidavit  
Federal Estate Tax Affidavit  
General Title Affidavit - Commercial  
General Title Affidavit - Residential (Purchaser)  
General Title Affidavit - Residential (Seller)  
Innocent Owner Affidavit  
Mortgage Affidavit  
Mortgage Payoff Affidavit  
Natural Person Affidavit  
New York Statutory Short Form Power of Attorney Affidavit (Effective 9/12/2010)  
NYCRPT Tax and NYSRPTT Affidavit  
Residential Cooperative Unit Affidavit  
Residential One Family/Condo Unit Affidavit  
Reverse Mortgage Affidavit  
Section 22 Affidavit  
Yonkers Transfer Tax Exemption Affidavit  
  Letter Legal
Amendment to Contract
Contract of Sale - Condominium
Contract of Sale - Cooperative Apartment  
Contract of Sale - New Construction (Plain English)
Contract of Sale - Office, Commercial and Multi-Family Residential Premises
Contract of Sale - Residential
Memorandum of Contract
New Construction Contract
NY008 - Contract of Sale - Plain English (11/78)  
Rider Attached to and Made a Part of Contract
Rider to Contract of Sale - HUD/FHA or VA Appraisal Contingency
Rider to Contract of Sale - Purchase Money Mortgage Clause
Termination of Contract of Sale
  Letter Legal
Administrator's Deed
Bargain & Sale Deed with Covenants
Bargain & Sale Deed without Covenants
Executor's Deed
Quitclaim Deed
Warranty Deed
  Letter Legal
Apartment Lease Agreement
Commercial Lease Agreement
Condominium Unit Lease Agreement
House Lease Agreement
Lease Termination
Limited Personal Guarantee of Lease
Office Lease Agreement
Store Lease Agreement
Power of Attorney
  Letter Legal
New York Statutory Gifts Rider (Effective 9/12/2010)  
New York Statutory Short Form Power of Attorney (Effective 6/13/2021)  
New York Statutory Short Form Power of Attorney Affidavit (Effective 9/12/2010)  
Transfer Tax
  Letter Legal
City of Peekskill - Real Property Transfer Tax Return  
Columbia County Supplemental Real Estate Transfer Tax Return  
Mount Vernon RPT  
Peconic Bay Region Community Preservation Fund First-Time Homebuyer's Exemption: Town of East Hampton  
Peconic Bay Region Community Preservation Fund First-Time Homebuyer's Exemption: Town of Shelter Island  
Peconic Bay Region Community Preservation Fund First-Time Homebuyer's Exemption: Town of Southampton  
Peconic Bay Region Community Preservation Fund First-Time Homebuyer's Exemption: Town of Southold  
Peconic Bay Region Community Preservation Fund Transfer Tax  
Preliminary Residential Property Transfer Form (OHP Form 515)  
Town of Red Hook Transfer Tax - Community Preservation Fund  
Town of Warwick Community Preservation Fund (CPF) Transfer Tax  
Yonkers RPT  
  Letter Legal
Assignment of Mortgage With Covenant
Assignment of Mortgage Without Covenant
Building Loan Mortgage - Individual or Corporation
Collateral Assignment of Leases and Rents
Extension Agreement
First Mortgage
Mortgage (Subordinate)
Mortgage Note
Mortgage Splitter Agreement
MT-15: Mortgage Recording Tax Form  
Release of Part of Mortgaged Premises
Satisfaction of Mortgage
Subordination Agreement (of Mortgage)
UCC11: National Information Request  
UCC1: UCC Financing Statement  
UCC1Ad: UCC Financing Statement Addendum  
UCC1AP: UCC Financing Statement Additional Party  
UCC1CAd: New York UCC Financing Statement Cooperative Addendum  
UCC3: UCC Financing Statement Amendment  
UCC3Ad: National UCC Financing Statement Amendment Addendum  
UCC3AP: UCC Financing Statement Amendment Additional Party  
UCC5: National Correction Statement  
  Letter Legal
Lead Paint Disclosure Form - Lessor  
Lead Paint Disclosure Form - Seller  
Market Value Rider Notice  
Notice of Availability of Owner's Title Insurance  
Notice of Lending  
Owner's Registration Card  
Property Condition Disclosure Statement  
Rate Compliance Notice  
Reciprocal Driveway Easement
REF-583: NYC Real Estate Tax Refund  
RP-425-B: Application for Basic STAR Exemption  
Satisfaction of Mechanics' Lien
Recording Cover Pages
  Letter Legal
Oswego County  
Suffolk County  
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